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Swing Coats

Glamorous and plush. Shop Vintage (akaThrift) stores for authentic action. Or for a little more $$ you can find a modern remix. I once found a mink stole for $20 but was able to talk the price down to $15 because that was all the cash I actually had, and I convinced the clerk I would really love and cherish it. This was my 2nd major recycled purchase – the 1st was what came to be known as my fabulous four dollar fur. I was able to purchase this three quarter length mouton swing coat for ½ price because it was during the summer. To this day I still say it was the best $4 I ever spent !! Looks like a total pimp – and I get loads of compliments every time I wear it. Exact copy of a coat I craved in Vogue Magazine as a teen – I saved that page for years. The coat was paired with jeans and boots for Vogue but looks absolutely fantastic with everything. As soon as I saw it – love at 1st sight.

Lucky Looking Ladies !!  Ms.C@rr!e

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