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Put On Your Big Girl Panties

Not everyone looks good naked – SO WHAT !!

You can look absolutely freakin fabulous in next to nothing.

(Fuck-Me heels required for maximum impact).

 Valentines Day is fast approaching and while I do believe all that retail commercialism going on during the holidays is purely for profit, I am a hopeless romantic and totally support spending for a worthwhile cause. In this case – freakin fabulousness.

This is the time of year the prettiest, girliest, and most fanciful panties are released.

Lavender. Pink. Fuschia. Red Hot. Black in combination with all of the afore mentioned.

Lace. Ruffles. Corset Bras. Silky See-Thru Nighties. Pure Sugar&Spice&Everything Nice. 

This is the time of year I recommend to Stock Up on favorites and necessities. 

It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing on the outside – if you are wearing SEXY underneath, your confidence will be instantly boosted, even in ripped jeans and mom clothes – with no make up on! In addition to receiving an instant attitude adjustment (total DIVA), the right undergarments make the outfit – THE OUTFIT !! 


Try this: get a brand new perfectly form fitting bra and panty.

*** Wear heels for perfect posture and best results ***

Go shopping and see how many likes you have at the end of your session.

There is a definite reason for centuries the so called SEXY stuff is referred to as a FOUNDATION.

This is absolutely essential in allowing you to successfully build your wardrobe …

 *** Please give feedback if you test my theory – Love to hear from you !!

THANX – MsC@rr!e

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2 thoughts on “Put On Your Big Girl Panties

  1. Michelle on said:

    You are right! Never thought about it , but the better posture is in heels. 🙂 I do feel different in prettier underthings.. Guess we can now assume every girl walking with a smile on her face , a wiggle in her walk and smolder in her eyes shares the secret of a fabulous foundation!

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