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Shorty Short Shorts

Every girl needs this in her essential spring to summer wardrobe. 

Denim in high waisted and button fly styles, with a bit of stretch gives ultimate curve defining control.

A wider waistband gives a more relaxed and comfortable feel.

Vertical stripes will create a slender, elongated illusion.

Inseam Length: 6” , 4” , 2” – absolutely no shorter, as you don’t want to show too much – the goal is to intrigue, not disgust !! No one ever needs to see your lady parts in public !!

**Also, longer lengths could be cuffed to shorter.

Finding your perfect fit may be an all day project as skin tight, like a glove is the 1st requirement. Like shopping for jeans, the time spent will be well worth it, as the right pair will take you everywhere. NO MUFFIN TOPS !!!

Another **BEST ** option is to (DIY) make your own from fave jeans that are getting worn out but could be revived from the transformation. Wash and dry 3 or 4 times for that frayed, lived and loved look.  

Mix with flowy tops and tunics for that boho chic vibe you can tuck in, or belt at the waist or hips for more curve enhancing appeal.

Carry a super soft, lightweight sweater for those cooler nights.

Accessorize with chunky sandals that have wide straps, and large bags, as proportionally these will make you appear smaller in comparison.

Sunglasses are essential for protecting your peeps, while a funky hat will protect your delicate skin.


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