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I just tried out the GENIE BRA over the weekend and I LOVE it !!!

Bought @ Target 2/$20

(38D) I was mostly concerned about support , secondly I was of course concerned about appearance. No need to worry – it looks great even under clingy clothes. Does not “flatten” like other micro fiber bras I’ve tried. Gives massive support, without the possibility of a “blowout” at the bounciest spots or being poked by a rogue wire escape. The straps are wider than I would prefer but are necessary for maximum support and are easily hidden under all but the skimpiest tank or spaghetti straps

I am in TEXAS and it is very hot (100+ degrees) so the bottom band, while supportive, was absolutely soaked at the end of the 1st day. Thankfully, that did not show thru my light colored top, nor cause any irritation to my sensitive skin. I did wash my GENIE BRA and just like they say – it maintained it’s shape beautifully.

Not what I would wear to a seduction – but definately would everywhere else !!

Please comment if you have tried the GENIE BRA with your good or bad experiences.


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