Pretty Plus

Plus Size Fashion Advice & Inspiration


I started this blog to inspire love and acceptance of all body types.

Beauty really does come from within – but I’ll recommend  all kinds of tips and tricks to maximize your full-on stun potential.

Remember – beauty is pain. If you have ever cried over a muffin top or agonized about fitting into that outfit one more time … then you are well on your way in this journey to fabulousness !!

It is time to quit waiting until you can fit into your small clothes again, and start feeling great about yourself right now.

Not everything featured is available in plus but – pay attention designers – it should be !!

I want you to use this blog as a style inspiration – to look for features and details you love and can incorporate into your personality and wardrobe.

My favorite places to shop:

1. my closet

2. vintage store (aka thrift)

3. discount store

4. clearance rack

HINT: In addition to fashion magazines, use your favorite cataloges to “shop your closet.” Chances are you already have similar items tucked away somewhere and just need to be reminded how to coordinate things in new ways. This is also an excellent way to evaluate your needs, as you will benefit most from planning your wardrobe instead of  just being a trend whore.

 I prefer and personally reccommend a strict policy of  “Do not buy unless you try!!” especially when shopping for jeans (or bras). If something makes you look stunning – buy it – if it’s just OK , or almost right – PASS !! You want to go to your closet at any given moment and anything you pull out will look absolutely fabulous on you. Almost fabulous is not good enough.

Against my lienient-strict policy, I do however sometimes online or catalogue shop. Often resulting in returns and/or exchanges.I now know to look for free shipping on returns, just in case . If after reading reviews and finding sizing might vary, I might order 2 sizes of the same item to try on for that perfect fit.

Favorite Sites for Plus Size Shopping:  PinUpCouture, StopStaring, Delia’s, Alloy, Torrid, HotTopic, OneStopPlus, SimplyBe, Jessica London, WomanWithin, , NewportNews, Spiegel

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